Why study languages?

In today's world, effective communication is an essential skill. As the world moves toward globalization and a world economy, learning other languages and gaining the knowledge of other cultures and peoples will increase your likelihood of being successful not only in your profession but also in your personal life. It is a fact that companies as well as the government will pay you more if you speak another language and having such skills will also be an advantage when pursuing a range of careers in areas such as: business, government, communication, the Foreign Service, social work, education, journalism, travel and tourism, translation and interpretation, science and technology, and international relations. Besides the career benefits, studying languages will also allow you to explore a whole new world of travel. Moreover, research has shown that studying another language improves cognitive skills and enhances one’s problem-solving abilities in other disciplines, including mathematics and science. People who speak more than one language are also less likely to suffer from brain deterioration as they age.  


So really the question is why WOULDN’T you study another language?