Programs of Study

The Department of Languages and Literatures offers programs in French Studies/Études Françaises, German Studies, and Spanish Studies/Estudios Hispanos. Although departmental decisions rest with the department and its head, each section has its own coordinator and is responsible for administering its own programs. Students interested in studies or courses in the department, particularly for a major or a minor, should check both with the section coordinators and with the head (usually through the departmental administrative assistant). Major programs are offered presently in all three sections. Business students with an interest in languages may take a BBA with Language program. Honours programs are only offered in French and in German.

Students with a keen interest in languages who already possess strong skills in French, German or Spanish may wish to consider pursuing a major in one language with a double minor in the two others. Please note that it is only possible to meet the requirements for this combination within four years if an appropriate choice of credits is made from the beginning of the first year. You should consult as early as possible with the Department Head if you are considering this course of study.The Department reserves the right to place students at the level of study appropriate to their linguistic abilities.