Stéphane Goyette

Assistant Professor

EDUCATION: B.A. in Linguistics (Université de Montréal), M.A. in Linguistics (Université de Montréal: Dissertation topic: Middle French verb morphology), PhD (University of Ottawa. Thesis topic: the transition from Latin to Romance as a case of partial creolization).

TEACHING INTERESTS: French as a second language (all levels), French-English/English-French contrastive linguistics and translation, History of the French language, History of the Romance languages, Historical linguistics, Languages in contact.

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Historical (especially Romance) Linguistics, Creole linguistics (with a focus on the genesis of creole languages), Language Contact (especially involving Romance languages in contact with non-Romance languages), Franco-First Nations language contact in North America, First                                                    Nations (notably Algonquian) linguistics.